1.  Name of the Society: OUAT Alumni Association
  2. (A) Location of the registered office of the Society- Orissa University of Agriculture & Technology (OUAT) Bhubaneswar-751003
    (B) Area of operation/jurisdiction:  Bhubaneswar
  3. Aims and objectives of the Society:

    3.1 To provide an organization through which Alumni of the University can keep in touch with the students, faculties and staff of the University, the activities of the University and with one another.

    3.2 To enable the Alumni to take part in such activities of the University as may contribute to the general improvement of the status of the University and the Alumni.

    3.3 To provide necessary technical input to the Alumni for enrichment of their professional carrier.

    3.4 To institute prizes and scholarships for students of the University on the basis of merit and render financial aid to deserving poor students studying at the University.

    3.5 To bring out a bulletin periodically, highlighting the salient current achievement of the University and its Alumni and any other publication as and when required.

    3.6 To maintain and regulate chapter of the Association within India and abroad as may be considered desirable by the Alumni (The Executive Committee shall decide on the recognisation/de-recognisation of the chapter).

    3.7 To cooperate physically, financially and otherwise with the Govt., Universities, farming communities and other organizations for the wholesome growth of the University with a view to making it a centre of advanced learning in as many fields as are permissible.

    3.8 To encourage extracurricular and cultural activities of the members of the Association.

    3.9 To take active part in social activities especially at the time of catastrophes/natural calamities.

    3.10 To cooperate with a similar other Association in Odisha and elsewhere having common aims.

    3.11 To conduct such activities which shall be necessary to further goals of the Association and shall be conducive to its interest and objectives.

    3.12 To conduct seminars, conferences, workshops and meetings of Agriculture and allied professions for the purpose of promotion of Agriculture & Allied Technology, knowledge and skills.

    3.13 To name Excellent Teachers/Scientists/Extension specialists for the Best Teacher Award of ICAR in order to enhance and ensure the quality of Agricultural higher education.

    3.14 To prepare a data base of all the Alumni of OUAT, highlighting their achievements and give proper recognition to them. When ever necessary the Association will recommend deserving Alumnus to other Organizations for recognizing their achievements.

    3.15 To advise, interact and affiliate with state & central Govt. bodies, Universities, similar professional associations and Associations of Agricultural and allied subjects and marketing agencies on matters relating to promotion of Agricultural Education, Research, Training & Extension activities.

    3.16 To raise or collect funds by subscriptions, contributions, donations, sales and grants for furtherance of the above objectives of the Association.

    3.17 To do all such acts, deeds and things as may be incidental, conducive to or necessary for the furtherance of the above objectives.


  1. Name of the Society:       OUAT Alumni Association
  2. Location of the registered office of the society: Orissa University of Agriculture & Technology, Bhubaneswar-751003.
  3. Area of operation/jurisdiction:     Bhubaneswar 
  4. Governing Body: The Executive Powers of the Association vests on the Executive Committee.   The Executive Committee shall consist of the following positions.
    1. President
    2. Vice-President
    3. Secretary
    4. Joint Secretary
    5. Treasurer
    6. Ten Executive members

      The tenure of the elected Executive Committee shall be normally for a period of Three years.
      The Executive Committee shall have powers to co-opt members, form committees, sub-committees and call for periodical meetings to achieve the objectives of the Association.

  5. General Body
    The Annual General Body meeting shall be at least once in a year and the interval between the successive Annual General Body Meeting shall not exceed 18 months. The Secretary shall convene the Annual General Body Meeting on the recommendation of the Executive Committee. The Secretary shall inform the Association Members of such meeting at least 15 days in advance.
  6. Membership:

    6.1 All passed out students holding a Degree from Orissa University of Agriculture and Technology are eligible to become Members of the Association.

    6.2a. The Life Membership fee shall be one time subscription of Rs 500/-.
         b. Any eligible member, who contribute Rs. 10000/- and above shall be a Donor Member and shall be invited to the Executive committee without having voting right.
         c. Any organization/Institution who shall Donate in lump sum of Rs 50,000/- and above shall become a Donor Member of the Association and will be an invited member of     the Executive Committee of the Association without having voting right.

    6.3 All the members shall notify their change of address to the Secretary of the Association within one month of such change.

    6.4 Any member, who directly or indirectly acts in such a manner as to bring disrepute or in contravention of the aims and objectives of the Association, may be removed from membership of the Association by passing a resolution with a 2/3rd majority of the members present and voting in the Executive Committee meeting; provided that the member will be given an opportunity to represent his case before moving such resolution.

    Any such Resolution ultimately passed  by 2/3rd majority  after giving opportunity to represent the case of any member in connection with disputes, the decision of the 2/3rd majority will be finally binding on the said member concerned.


    7.1 An Election Committee consisting of one Convener and two Members of the Association shall be constituted by the Executive Committee on a date not less than three months before the expiry of term of office of the Executive Committee.

    7.2 The Election Committee shall frame a Schedule indicating last date for nomination, withdrawal of and the date of election (if necessary), and call for nominations from the eligible members for election to the Executive Committee. Each nomination shall be proposed by and seconded by two members of the Association with the consent of the candidate given in writing and duly signed by them and addressed to Secretary. The nominations shall reach the Secretary as per schedule given by the Election Committee. The Secretary shall after the last date for withdrawal forward all the nominations received by him to the Election Committee.

    7.3 The Election Committee shall scrutinize the nominations received and inform the candidates concerned of the acceptance or otherwise of the nomination. After the withdrawal period is over, if there is a contest, election will be conducted among the valid members present in the General Body Meeting.

  8. Powers / Functions of the Executive Committee:

    8.1 PRESIDENT- The President shall preside over the General Body meeting as well as Executive Committee meeting and shall be in overall charge of the Association. ­.

    8.2 VICE-PRESIDENT- In absence of the President the Vice-President shall discharge the duties of the President.

    8.3 SECRETARY: 

    8.3.1 The Secretary shall maintain minutes of each meeting.

    8.3.2 Every such minutes/Proceedings of any meeting of the General Body or Executive Committee or of any sub-committee will be approved by the chairman of the meeting and subsequently confirmed in the next succeeding meeting of the corresponding body.

    8.3.3 The Secretary shall carry on all correspondence relating to the Association and of the Executive Committee in accordance with the bye-laws and the resolutions passed under these rules.

    8.3.4 The Secretary shall be the custodian of the title deeds, records and other documents relating to the transactions of the Association and shall be in charge of all movable and immovable properties belonging to the Association.

    8.3.5 The Secretary shall prepare an Annual Report on the activities of the Association and place it before the Executive Committee for its approval.

    8.4 JOINT SECRETARY:- The Joint Secretary shall be responsible for different sectors such as administrative department and membership drive, thereby helping the smooth running of the Association and will carry out activities of the Secretary in his absence.

    8.5 TREASURER:
    The Treasurer shall be responsible for keeping of proper accounts and for discharge of such duties as may, from time to time, be entrusted to him by the Executive Committee.

    8.5.2 The Treasurer shall receive all moneys on behalf of the Executive Committee and deposit the same in the name of the Association in the Bank approved by the Executive Committee. He may open separate accounts in the name of different Committees of the Association as per Executive Committee’s Resolution.

    8.5.3 The Treasurer jointly with the Secretary or the President shall have power to draw moneys from the Bank and disburse moneys to the person concerned according to the resolutions or the bye-laws.

    8.5.4 The Treasurer shall prepare a list of receipts received and payments made during each month and circulate an abstract of the same in the Executive Committee meeting.

    8.5.5 The Treasurer shall prepare the annual accounts of the Association and audit the same by the Auditor duly appointed by the Executive Committee and place it for approval of the General Body.

    8.6 The Executive Committee shall normally meet once in three months.

    8.7 The Secretary may, whenever he finds it necessary, call for an emergency meeting with the consent of the President or on the requisition of at least 5 Members of the Executive Committee, in writing.

    8.8 Notices for the Executive committee meeting giving the place, date and time shall be communicated by the Secretary to the members of the Committee one week before the date of the meeting.

    8.9 The quorum for the Committee Meeting shall be Five Members of the Committee.

    8.10 The meeting of the Executive Committee will be presided over by the President and in the event of the President being not present or not being able to participate in the meeting, the Vice-President will preside.

    8.11 If the Vice-President is also not present, then the Executive Committee may choose one of the Members present in the meeting to chair that meeting of the Committee.

    8.12 All questions arising at any meeting of the Executive Committee shall be decided by a simple majority of the Members present and in case of equal votes, the presiding member shall have a second or casting vote.

    8.13 Any Member of the Executive Committee who absents himself for three consecutive meetings of the Executive Committee without leave of absence shall be removed from the Roll of Executive Committee.

    8.14 No act or resolution of the Executive Committee shall be deemed to be invalid for the reason that such act or resolution having been done or passed during any vacancy in the Executive Committee.

  9. General Body Meeting:

     9.1 The Executive Committee shall convene a General Body Meeting of all the Members once in every year (hereinafter referred to as Annual General Body Meeting).

     9.1.1 Notice of the General Body Meeting of the Association shall be given to the members at least twenty one days before the day appointed for such meetings.

     9.1.2 The notice shall be sent to the members by one or more of the following modes;-

    1. Website of the Alumni Association, or
    2. Through E Mail , or
    3. by Post, or
    4. by publication through press .

    9.1.3 The notice shall also be affixed on the Notice Board of the Association.

    9.1.4 The notice shall specify the day, hour, place and Agenda of the Meeting.

    9.2 The funds collected from time to time will be kept in SBI, OUAT Campus Branch in the name of the OUAT Alumni Association and shall be operated by the President/ the Secretary and the Treasurer.

    9.3 The Executive Committee shall maintain proper accounts for the financial transactions of the Association in such forms as may be prescribed in consultation with the Association’s Auditor.

    9.4 The Executive Committee shall prepare and lay before the Association at the Annual General Body Meeting every year an Audited Statement of Accounts and receipts and expenses of the financial year together with the report of the Association’s Auditor thereon.

    9.5 Apart from the Annual General Body Meeting, the Executive Committee may convene emergent General Body Meeting(s), if necessary, hereinafter referred to as Extra-ordinary General Body Meeting(s).

    9.6 If 1/3rd existing bonafied Members send a requisition to the President or to the Secretary, in writing, requesting to convene an Extra-ordinary General Body Meeting to consider important matter as they think necessary, it should be considered by the Executive Committee and such Extra-ordinary General Body Meeting shall be convened within one month from the date of receipt of the requisition in writing.

    9.7 Any accidental delay caused in transit, in respect of receipt of the notice by one or more Members shall not render the meeting void.

    9.8 The quorum for the General Body Meeting shall be 100 (one hundred).

  10. Audit:
    A qualified auditor shall audit the accounts of the Association annually.
    The financial year of the Association will be from April to March and the calendar year from January to December.
    Interpretation of Doubts:
    Doubts in relation to all matters of the Association may be resolved in the General Body meeting. If unresolved, the same be solved through the opinion of a noted and registered legal practitioner based under the jurisdiction of the Registering Authority.
  11. Joint Account:
    An account of the Association shall be maintained in OUAT campus branch of the State Bank of India in the name of the President, Secretary and Treasurer. All withdrawals shall be made under Joint signature of two persons, President or Secretary and the Treasurer.
  12. Amendment Procedure:
    Any provision in these Rules may be amended in a General Body meeting by two thirds of members present and voting.
  13. Members not to receive profits:
    The fund and the properties of the Association, however derived, shall be applied solely towards the promotion of the objectives of the Association and no portion thereof shall be paid or transferred or distributed directly or indirectly whether by share or profit to the Members of the Association. However, nothing herein contained shall prevent any payment made in good faith towards reasonable remuneration to, or reimbursement of traveling and other expenses incurred by, any Member of the Executive Committee or Office or Employee of the Association for the purpose and business of the Association with the approval of the Executive Committee.
  14. Dissolution:
    The society may be dissolved by 3/5th of its total members in a General Body meeting. Upon dissolution of this Association, the property remaining after the clearance of dues and liabilities if any shall belong to the Orissa University of Agriculture and Technology, Bhubaneswar.
  15. Legal Action:
    The Association may sue or be sued on behalf of the society in the name of Secretary for movable and immovable properties.
  16. Certified that there is no other registered society in the same name and at the same place.
  17. Certified that this is the true and correct copy of the memorandum and rules and regulations.
  18. Certified that all the legal matters shall be guided under the societies Registration Act XXI 1860 with Amended-1969.